That moment you stop asking if you are going to be okay…

I don’t know if I can discuss this further. If I can add to it.

Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade is an artist, poet and speaker. She often shares her poetry on Instagram. She nails life when she does so.

I guess the bravery she alludes to is one that we have to summon when the shit really gets real and hits fans and OMG THIS IS SERIOUS, MUM. Or when we reach a point where the doubt and fear and uncertainty just gets too much. It’s been too long. And it’s got boring. And something has to give.

We have to step aside and stop asking for advice, or thinking someone or something can save us. And we have to choose.

We have to choose to be okay. The pain will still be there, whether we decide this or not. But deciding it…it’s a

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