Let’s find an anxiety charity to support

My book first, we make the beast beautiful is selling better than I thought. Which makes me very… relieved. And fulfilled.

Off the back of this interest and the wonderful deep conversations it’s spawning, I’m being asked to speak at a number of corporate events, and I’ll also be organising a speaking tour shortly. 

I want to ensure, however, that I also get to towns and regions, or organisations, where a good, open chat about anxiety is truly needed.

To this end, I’m going to structure things such that corporate fees I receive will be donated to achieving this, and helping out charities in these areas. 

Perhaps, to get things started, you’d like to nominate a cause in need?

It might be a charity that serves a small community or a group of people that have been left behind a little.

It might be a town that’s suffering from lack of resources.

It might be a juvenile prison, a school, an outback town.

* Name the charity or cause or town below (a registered charity is going to be best for these purposes)

* Flag why they need support with having a better conversation around anxiety. Just a line or two.

From the nominations put forward I will select one or a few, and go from there. It might take a few weeks.

Thank you for being part of all this. I reckon it’s best I get your thoughts so it’s a community thing.

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