The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit

IMG 7766 The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit

Hello. Many of you have asked for me to put together a “best-of” the toxin-free beauty products that I pack when travelling into one easy kit. I generally do what I’m asked. And so…

Before taking off last week, I teamed with Nourished Life to cobble together said kit. It’s the best stuff I’ve tried and tested over many years, with most of it designed for compact, minimal, sustainable “Simplicious” travel.

Although the kit is pretty much all the stuff I use normally, regardless of travel. As you know, I live light and rather nomadically.

You can buy the full kit here with a 15% ($40) discount, plus free postage in Australia!

NL TravelPack The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit

Or click on only the items you want, below.

What’s in the Travel Beauty Kit

You can buy each item separately, choosing sizes you’d like, or buy my full kit. All of it is toxin free and works to minimal packaging. It all gets the “best of” tick from both Irene and I. Note: some of the kit comes in a larger size. I’m not one for buying “travel sizes” of stuff, but prefer to use old jars and sample pots etc and transfer the amount I need into these pre-existing containers. I’d love you to do the same!

Hurraw Lip Balm (4.3g)

The cherry one is a great lip tint double-up.

Axilla Deodorant by Black Chicken Remedies (75g): $18.50

This is the natural deodorant paste I bang on about as actually working. Easily transferal to old sample pots for hiking trips!

Life Basics Bamboo & activated charcoal bio degradable toothbrush

Note that it doesn’t come packed in plastic. It’s also currently on sale individually for $6.95 (from $7.95)

Eco Minerals blush in uluru 4g jar $33

I really love this blush powder. The good thing: when I go brown over summer it becomes my mineral foundation. All natural, Australian and you can buy refills for the container for $29. Friends, I used the “Uluru” shade (I’m quite dark), but you can choose yours….just mention which one in the comments.

Eco Minerals brush: $22

I wash in the Dr Bronner soap (below) when it starts to get old. Doesn’t tend to malt.

Jojoba Company Jojoba Oil (30ml glass): $19.95

I use it for cleansing, moisturizing and for my facial scrub (I mix with salt or sugar from the hotel room).

Dr Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap 946ml (large): $32.95

Right, so there are literally dozens of ways you can use this stuff, so buy up big and transfer to saved hotel shampoo bottles etc. A few drops can do a load of washing, serve as soap, a face wash and washing up liquid. Here’s a link with 18 ways to use it!

Lavender essential oil in rollerball 10ml: $16.50

I use for pimples. I use for sleeping. I use for masking anxiety-ish smells at night. I use on the plane. The rollerball helps prevent spillage.

Ethique St Clements Shampoo bar 110g: $22

A revelation: a small bar is equivalent to 3-4 bottles of liquid shampoo. The kit contains the normal – oily version, but you can nominate your preferred version in the comments. Here’s a few tips Irene’s customers give for travelling with the stuff:

  • Cut off a small slice for travelling
  • Tote in reusable zip lock bags
  • Place a face cloth in the bag to absorb excess moisture.

Ethique Wonderbar – Conditioner bar 60g: $25

It gets better. One bar is equivalent to 5 (!!) bottles of liquid conditioner.

The kit contains the normal – oily version, but you can nominate your preferred version in the comments.

NL TravelPack The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit

Ere Perez Creative Chamomile Eye Duo – I Love Vintage: $27.95

Simple, small, brown.

Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Eyebrow Pencil 1.2g $26.95 

100% Pure BB Cream Shade 30 Aglow 30ml: $49.95

I dig this stuff. The best coverage around with 15 SPF from zinc, not nasties. Friends, I use the Tanned one. Also note that Irene got the stuff tested – it actually comes in at 25 SPF according to Australian (strict) standards. I’m reasonably olive, and find this just right. You can choose your shade….just mention which one in the comments.

Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara: $29.95

This is made with almond oil and is really very waterproof. I can ocean swim and emerge with it perfectly intact.

So, 14 items that keep things really tidy and light. Irene’s also offering free postage in Australia to us all.

NL TravelPack The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit

The other stuff I pack

This is not in the kit, but comes with me, always.

IMG 7767 e1496874632929 The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit

  • Mac earplugs. The best ones around. And available at Woolworths supermarkets.
  • Eye gel. Better than drops and mandatory for planes and for anyone with Hashimotos.
  • TOMS Tampons. The best in the world. The first-ever organic cotton versions, and made by a young Melbourne girl. I’ve supported for almost ten years now.
  • Wellscent tooth oil. You can check out the details here.
  • Hair elastic. One lasts a year. I’m due for a new one and have treated myself
  • Nail clippers.
  • Not pictured: Olive oil/coconut oil. I find in Airbnbs or restaurants and use as body oil.
  • Not pictured: I add to the Jojoba oil to make a scrub.

The above is the sum total of my entire beauty and ablution regime. Hope it helps you steer your choices.