The First, We Make the Beast Beautiful book club guide is here

One of the reasons I wrote First, We Make The Beast Beautiful was to start a new conversation about anxiety. Every chat we have about anxiety –  with loved ones, friends, colleagues, strangers – brings us in closer, and making us feel less lonely, which, as I explain in The Beast, allows us to do anxiety once (rather than getting anxious about being anxious about being anxious…and all the bad spiral stuff).

It brings me great joy to learn that book clubs around the world are reading The Beast together, and discussing it over wines and teas and crumpets and such. The topic of the book is one that needs to be pulled apart in relationship. We suffer alone in anxiety too much. Time to do it differently!

My lovely US publisher and I figured we’d support these great discussions and  put together this ace Book Club Reading Guide to help you get things flowing. Please do download it here and share with your fellow club members. Or send it around to a few of your mates and start a book club yourself. I know some of the retailers around the world offer discounts on the book, following it entering the New York Times bestseller list. Here’s some good store links to onpass to your friends if they need to buy it.

One little favour: if you come to any great conclusions or have insights or have critical feedback stemming from your Book Club chats, can you share them? And/or share a picture of you all at your gathering on my Instagram or Facebook #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful.
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