have a sweet weekend: 12 march xx

This week was surreal and round-abouty. I interviewed Mitch Albom and Deepak Chopra and was contacted via my blog by Dan Buettner who did the Blue Zones study about how to live longer that I wrote about recently.
Mitch Albom and I...he asked me to not tell you I was actually bending my knees in the shot and doing my best to look smaller. MY GOD I LOOK HUGE...!!!

The interaction started off stand-offishly (him giving me a ribbing for a comment I’d made about his study) and ended with our becoming e-mates, connected by shared mountain bike travels, a love of Spain and a general wariness of being corralled into living a life by numbers. I like meeting people who question the conveyor-belt and step off it to get a better look every now and then. I’ve done this all my life. Every few years I throw things in and wander for a bit…So does Dan. When he’s not being a National Geographic explorer.

Not to drop names.

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