Tuesday eats: six healthy snacks (in six ingredients or less!)

The Internet Chef recently posted a list of the top 30 health posts from the internet. They’re a great collation. Here’s my choice six snacks, plus some simple throw-together-from-the-pantry snack tricks I eat by. Enjoy!


* Tamari Pepitas

Toss some pumpkin seeds around a hot pan (no oil required; the oils from the nuts are enough to keep them from sticking). As they start to sizzle and pop a little, drizzle tamari over the the lot, stirring. It becomes a gooby mess pretty quickly, so remove from heat almost immediately.

* Frozen banana yoghurt

I buy bananas in bulk, peel them and put them in the freezer in a zip-lock bag. When I need a snack (I also eat this for breakfast) I pull one out, hack it into chunks and put in a cup. Then I pour some yoghurt over it and either mush with a fork or stab-mix in the cup. I then stick it back in the freezer. Within 5 minutes it’s the most sublime frozen snack ever. Sometimes I add chia seeds and cinnamon, or coconut water.

* Air Popped Popcorn (from my mum)

Put a small handful of popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag. Roll down top of lunch bag to close. Place in microwave for 2 minutes. I toss through some salt or dulce. No oil or butter required!! Use this no-fat trick for the popcorn recipes below.

Or try these. They’re pretty clever!! I reckon you could do the first one without the waste-of-space chip divider….? Feel free to add some suggestions to the list!

Microwave potato chips by Nooschi

Microwave potato chips by Nooschi

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