the best ever iphone apps: a listicle (part 2)

A week or so ago I shared the apps I’m rapt about. Now a list of radical ones you use (albeit, not all of them are productive…in fact some are counterproductive…but I guess it’s that time of year), plus a few from people whose productivity levels we’re in awe of.

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My assistant Jo loves these (she should probably be on commission for selling in Echofon…she wouldn’t rest until she was allowed to put it on my phone):

Echofon for Twitter (free)

This is the best app around for twitter-on-the-go, especially for those like me who tend to tweet a lot! It’s easy to navigate, with some handy ‘echofon specific’ features that make it super quick to update your status, ‘reply all’ or ‘retweet with comment’. It also does all the standard twitter things, including pics and videos. Love it.

Talking Carl (free)

This is just for sillies, and fun. I do some work with foster kids, so it’s handy to have some quirky kid-friendly, distractable apps on my phone for those tantrum-type moments. Talking Carl is a crazy red guy, and if you touch him, he laughs, and talks. If you talk, he copies you, and it’s HILARIOUS. Kids(and adults) love him. Check it out. This is he:

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Kerri Sackville, blogger extraordinaire, soon-to-be-published author, and manic mum of three, raves about these:

Touchwriter ($1.99)

Okay, I’m loving Touchwriter. I’m forever writing myself notes, but a) always forget to carry a pen and paper, and b) lose the notes anyway. Touchwriter allows me to ‘handwrite’ notes with my finger, and then – unlike other ‘finger-writing’ apps – immediately shrinks the words as I write so that each notes can fit a lot of text. There is a space bar, paragraph break and different colours, and the notes can be saved or emailed. I prefer Touchwriter to the ‘finger-to-text’ apps, as I find they make a lot of errors when converting, and are hard to use.

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