your bike-buying questions answered

I’m constantly asked for tips for buying bikes. If you’re buying your first since you sported spokey dokes on your Repco, it can be daunting. For this sponsored review I asked Jenny Fay from Australia’s first women’s bike shop at Clarence St Cyclery in Sydney to share her advice.

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And can I just say, it is actually a very cool thing that there’s a chick-specific store out there…I get freaked dealing with blokes in Lycra in bike shops who don’t really understand I have longer legs than men and boobs that get in the way, that I need to carry loads of stuff wherever I go and, quite frankly, want to put style before a fancy derailer sometimes. I don’t want to explain all this (and cop attitude); I want it assumed! Over to you Jenny…

Q: I want a… how can I put it…purely pretty bike! I’m a bit of a princessy type, but I want to start riding to work. I don’t know how to put this, but I don’t want one of those lean-forward, fast styles; I want to sit upright and ride in my frocks’n’heels. Oh, and to be able to touch the ground at traffic lights! And I want to be able to carry my bits and pieces in a pretty basket. Does this make sense? – Rachel

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