are you ready to meditate?

The best thing I ever did was to learn to meditate. As in properly meditate.

photography manipulations are you ready to meditate?

For years I flim-flammed around trying different techniques. They gave me the shits. I never “got” it. I then bit a bullet and tried Vedic meditation. I’ve talked about this style before here and here.

When I first met Tim I was wary. I was in a fug at the time – no job, sick, broke, lost. He told me things would turn around in a few weeks of meditating. Within six weeks they did – I got the MasterChef gig out of the blue. I asked him why he was so confident. He replied:

“Sarah, you are trying to go forward with your life with the handbrake pulled full on. Don’t keep trying to put your foot on the accelerator to go forward – it’s a pointless exercise. You’ll just keep burning yourself out.  You need to learn how to take the hand break off. Meditation will help you do that. The rest will start to happen after that. “

So I thought I’d share that Tim my teacher is holding a weekend course up here in Byron Bay this coming weekend.

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