my new TV show: Eat Yourself Sexy (why don’t ya!)

A little while back I finished making a TV show. It’s a nutrition makeover show. It’s called Eat Yourself Sexy. The premise is simple: I take 8 average Australian women and show them how to eat their way back to wellness in 8 weeks. It’s all it takes. And they wind up eating MORE than they’ve ever eaten before. Here’s a sneak look… and below some behind the scenes shots from the shooting of the promo.


Where can you see it?

Lifestyle YOU (Foxtel and Austar)


August 25, 8.30pm


Because it’s a show that spreads REAL eating advice and is wholly accessible and all about pointing at the telly and saying, “Wow, that’s me, I do that” and, “Wow, that’s not complicated or hard, I can make that change”.

The women are mostly size 14-16, with kids and jobs (REAL). I swear, we see ourselves in all these women and their food and body dilemmas. We don’t whisk them away and lock them in a house and put them through artificial boot camp misery…

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