I quit sugar program: full quittage! (week 3)

It’s week three. The time is now. No more run ups…

 we’re going cold turkey…no more sugar!

hanayui by takaya hanayuishi I quit sugar program: full quittage! (week 3)
Image by Takaya Hanayuishi

First up, though, some housekeeping:

* On Friday I invited you all to join FebFast (quit booze for February and raise $ for charity). It’s a good time to drop the booze if you’ve just quit sugar. It will help with the cravings and the detox process.

* A reminder to those of you with blogs. You may want to join the IQS affiliate program, and make $6 for yourself off every ebook you sell through your site. Stupidly simply and I’ve sent out hundreds of dollars to some of you who’ve got on board. You can read more and sign up here.

* Ten great sugar quitters won a copy of Lee Holmes’ Supercharged Food from last Friday’s giveaway: Carlie C,  Emma, Rachel G, Sue S, Mademoselle Slimalicious, Jess J, Tara S, Kathie R, Sarah R, Kris B. Hoorah to you and big thanks for your tips!


But now. In my IQS book I outline what foods to cut out… and why. But today we might do a little reality check session of how much sugar you’ve actually been eating.

Hopefully you’re boldly replacing sugar with fat and protein from today. It takes some getting used to and you might notice different hunger levels. Find them interesting and move with them. For example. I often get a sugar craving after lunch. As many of you know, I eat a tablespoon or two of coconut oil to quash this…which then leaves me STUFFED until dinner. At first I found this disconcerting…now I find it a godsend. No afternoon snacking is freedom.

Something that helped me when I was quitting was to get real about how much sugar I’d really been eating.

EVERYONE I meet tells me they “don’t really eat much sugar”. Which I find kinda FUNNY. Somebody’s got to be eating all that sugar!

When I chat with people about what they mean by not much they describe a breakfast of muesli and low-fat yoghurt, juice, some honey in their tea…”you know, just natural sugar”. And so on.

Yep, by now you know: sugar is sugar, whether it comes in a Coke or an apple; arsenic is “natural”, doesn’t mean we eat it; etc, etc, etc.

But how much sugar – natural or otherwise – have you been eating? Have you been kidding yourself you don’t eat much?

I had. So I sat down with pen and paper and added up the exact number of teaspoons of the stuff I was eating. It was shocking.

This week, try it. It’s a good reminder as to why you’re doing this. Being real helps.

To do this:

* look on the food label at “serving size”. Then divide the number of grams by 4 to get the number of teaspoons.

* remember to subtract the first 4.7g of sugar in dairy products (this is lactose, which contains no fructose)

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