The 10 things you must do now to fix your fertility

So, so, so many people around me have hormone issues and fertility challenges. It breaks my heart. The sense of loss is palpable. I recently read stats from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare that at least 1 in 4 (and it’s getting closer to 3) women in Australia will not have kids…this is for all kinds of reasons that aren’t always about health.

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But it doesn’t take away from the fact that health is fundamental to giving an aging body the best crack at conception. Some of you might recognise Nat Kringoudis’ name from the forums. She’s a fantastic acupuncturist, herbalist, natural fertility educator, writer, blogger and natural health expert who’s devoted her career to helping people get their body baby-ready. Nat owns The Pagoda Tree, a natural health and fertility clinic in Melbourne, and I’ve asked her to share the best diet shifts you can make to get things on the right track….

Diet and lifestyles are major contributors to our growing fertility problem.  Of course, diet won’t solve 100% of the problem but it will undoubtedly help your body get more fertile.  Before I go on, know this.  If you hear the word ‘fertility’ and back up a few steps, keep reading.  Fertility doesn’t immediately equate to babies.  Fertility is an extension of your health, the potential to conceive.  It’s not limited to conception but extends to all reproductive health including health menstrual cycles right through to your bowel movements!

1. Pump up the protein

Your hormones are made up of fats and protein, and it is for this reason that we need to ensure we are getting enough animal and plant protein to support fertility.  I’m talking 50% of each meal. Sounds a lot, but do the math – a serve of fish and salad or a quiche with salad.  There you go.  Not hard at all.

  • invest in a pea or rice protein powder to boost your levels and blend yourself a morning smoothie. I’m loving sun warrior brand for it’s quality.
  • add chia seeds to salads, smoothies and cakes – they are a complete meal! (highest plant based source of omegas, fiber and protein)

2. Never fear fat

As I mentioned, fats go in the mix to make up our hormones.  When we rob our body of these vital ingredients, it goes into a frenzy and shuts down our reproductive functions.  Let’s face it, we don’t need our fertility to survive.  So ensure what’s on your fork has quality therapeutic fats – think oily fish and eggs (omega 3’s & 6’s), animal and plant fats (coconut butter, salmon, milk).  Not only will your loins love you, your skin will show how kind you are being to yourself and your brain will tick like you’re five again.

  • Look no further than eggs.  They will provide the best balance of fat and protein.  Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, you can’t have too many.  Ever.

3. Superfoods

These are the key to optimal health – and since your gut is the pivot of your health, maximizing absorption of vitamins and minerals is where it’s at. Get onto these superfoods:

  • Macca – high on my superfood list, it goes great guns on balancing hormones and enhancing libido. Pop a scoop into your smoothie, or sprinkle on your salad.
  • Use Mesquite – another superfood available from loving earth – to stabilize insulin, it’s the highest anti-oxidant on the planet.  It’s important to balance insulin for reproductive health – especially in those with poly cystic ovarian syndrome and thyroid troubles.
  • Come one step further – Gubinge. It’s native to Australia and is the king of superfoods. You can get your hands

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