how to make breakfast fava

Here’s a really simple dish that I ate in Ikaria many mornings for breakfast. Because why not? And aren’t we always after a new breakfast idea?

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Fava with some cucumber, purslane, feta and mountain tea: a perfect breakfast

Fava is essentially pureed yellow split peas and is served as a meze or side dish. But I found it a super day-starter. (Note: Greek fava is not the same as fava beans…confusing, I know.)

I’m not a big fan of eating too many pulses…they are quite hard to digest and the phytic acid and other toxins can be rough going for folk like myself with digestion and autoimmune issues. Which is why I make my own sprouts.

But while I was in Ikaria, my health was so good that I read my body and knew I was fine to eat some beans. This is how I work. Feel how my body is feeling. I don’t like food rules.

Fava is super cheap to make. You can store it for some time in the fridge and it can be eaten cold or warmed.

I like it with some yoghurt, cucumber and olives. Or feta. And always serve with chopped onion or eschalots and

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