yes, I eat fruit. and, no, I’m not misleading Australia.

You might have caught last night’s A Current Affair segment on the telly about sugar? I popped up as a sugar-quitting expert, along with my mate David Gillespie. However, I was used mostly as a voice of extremeness via some quotes I’ve made to ACA journalists previously, repackaged in rather extracted form. In particular, I was presented as being anti-fruit. You can catch the clip here.

Image by stephaniegonot
Image by stephaniegonot

A few people today have got outraged on my behalf (fired up that my quotes seemed to be placed out of context), or just outraged that I would diss fruit. I don’t tend to get upset by these kind of things. ACA presented an interesting take on the subject. And besides, how splendid! I now have a great opportunity to clear things up nice and crystal-like.

1. I eat fruit. One of the ACA grabs sees me listing the high-fructose fruits, as requested by the journalist at the time (during an interview a while back). I recommend eating the low-fructose fruits where possible: kiwi, berries, grapefruit and so on. If you’re doing my 8-week program, I advise cutting out fruit for 6 weeks. This is to break the sugar addiction and to recalibrate our bodies, just for that short period. I then, at the week-7 mark, invite everyone to reintroduce fruit and read how their bodies take to it.

2. I make the point over and over, based on the only comprehensive research I’ve found (by the American Heart Foundation):

we are only able to handle 6-9 teaspoons of sugar a day. Which is about the amount contained in 2-3 pieces of low-fructose fruit.

Many experts in this area – cardiologists, endocrinologists and nutritionists without vested interests in the sugar industry – confirm this amount as being appropriate. I personally find it’s the amount my body can handle before I start to feel the effects.

3. If fruit is your only source of fructose in a day, then 2-3 pieces of fruit is fantastic. If fruit is treated as a treat…which is how I was raised to eat it, and our parents and grandparents were raised to eat it…then bloody fantastic. But do you eat fruit as your treat? Do you eat fruit instead of chocolate or ice cream? Or as well as?

4. Know this: fruit today is MUCH sweeter than it was only two generations ago. They’re being bred this way because

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Hello! A Sydney I Quit Sugar book signing!

Just a quick note for a Friday. I’m chatting all things IQS and signing copies of my I Quit Sugar book at aboutlife Monday February 4, as part of their biggest ever community detox week…which you might just like to sign up to.

I visited aboutlife Bondi Junction at the weekend, only to find that I was already there. Everywhere!

Let’s cut to the proverbial chase:

Where: aboutlife, 605 Darling St, Rozelle

Date: Monday February 4

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: $40*

* Forty bucks includes a copy of my brand new I Quit Sugar print edition book (valued at $34.99), and samples of some my I Quit Sugar recipes, prepared by the aboutlife kitchen for the night. I’ll also be sharing some of my top sugar-quitting tips and tricks. And just milling about having a nice time.

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