My sugar-free ANZAC biscuits + 50% off sale

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I’m getting older and more sentimental and this year’s ANZAC day is piquing some emotional spots. For readers outside Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC day is a national day of remembrance to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli during World War I. (Today however, it goes beyond that anniversary; it’s now a day when we remember the service and sacrifice of all Australian servicemen and women from every conflict, past and present.)

Image via Claire K Creations. Recipe for a sugar-free ANZAC cookie below
Image via Claire K Creations. Recipe for sugar-free ANZAC biscuits below.

Right now, I’m feeling much respect. Respect for oldies. For a generation who sacrificed. It’s this – the idea of sacrificing for a greater and largely unknown good – that touches me. My goodness, the faith!? Do we ever feel this?! Couple this with the fact that these very people who sacrificed are now so very out on their own. We don’t care for our oldies as they cared for the future generations. We don’t “do” this same notion of sacrifice. Somewhat sadly, we just don’t have the time. Or faith, somehow.

Our “way” is to give money. This is not the same as our time and intimate contact. Is it? But it’s still very much needed. Today, as well as running an ANZAC biscuit recipe, and a special sale offer, I’m giving $1 from every sale to the ANZAC Appeal. Next year, I hope I have the time to be more intimate.


My Sugar-Free ANZAC Biscuits

Again, for readers outside Australia and New Zealand, these biscuits were eaten by our soldiers in lieu of bread and was a tooth-cracking combo of long-last foods that would withstand the journey via ship to reach the troops: oats, flour, golden syrup, coconut and bi-carbonate of soda. It was an incredibly hard wafer, leading some of the wives and mums back home to finesse things a little. Today, we make them on this special day to remember the Fallen. I invite you all to take a moment to reflect and

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