living with a wobbly mind

Perhaps you have a wobbly mind, too? In my experience, living with a wobbly mind is akin to being charged with carrying around a large, shallow bowl filled to the brim with water for the rest of your life. You have to tread super carefully so as not to slosh it all out.

Image by Fiddle Oak
Image by Fiddle Oak

So you must learn to walk steadily and gently.  And be super aware of every movement around you, ready to correct a little bit of off-balanceness here, a tilt to the left there. This is just the way it is.

Living this way requires vigilance and is about constant refinement. If you waiver and get unsteady, the water starts to slosh. And if you don’t bring yourself back quick enough, the sloshing gathers momentum and, well, you lose it. Right? And, just to really drag out this metaphor, this means you then have to return to the source and fill it back up again. Which is tiring. So tiring.

And just to push a touch further: to carry the bowl steadily means walking in a pretty straight line. Which means there will be scenarios and environments and people that simply are not conducive to your journey. They’re too bumpy or jarring or wobbly. Or crooked. Me, I can’t do late nights at bars and I struggle around people who live loud and fast. Don’t get me near people on cocaine – their frenetic energy drags me way out to the bumpiest of tracks.

My simple but noble aim in this lifetime is to build up more stability, bit by bit. Build up my core. Keep upright and firm. Get solid feet, connected to the ground. So I can carry my bowl, full and unsloshy. And so that I don’t spill on my loved ones too often. Yes, I’m tired of spilling on my loved ones.

 Hope this makes sense to some of you today…

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