tone your vagus

The thighbone is connected to the hipbone…and our heart is connect to the head, and we are all one and… you get the picture. I read over the weekend about work being conducted by behavioural neuroscientists in the US that shows that our phone addiction is connected to our longevity,  and that

disconnecting from your iphone makes you live longer.

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Essentially because our heart and our heads are connected. Biologically and figuratively (if you believe the two are different).

It works like this.

We have a vagus nerve that runs from our heart to our head. I’ve written on this incredible nerve here.

The better your “vagal tone” the better your health. That is, the more agility in the connection between your heart and head the better your cardiovascular, glucose and immune responses.

Vagal tone is improved by building that particular muscle – firing it up, using it as it’s meant to be used. Workin’ it. This translates, say the boffins, to smiling, connecting, engaging in face-to-face intimacy. Touching a real humanoid. Or at

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