The only (Ayurvedic) sleep advice you need to follow

I’ve contemplated and researched every insomniac’s trick out there. (You can catch up on my personal experience with insomnia and my 14 insomnia solutions if you find yourself with an hour to kill at 3am sometime soon.)

The only (Ayurvedic) sleep advice you need to read -
Image via The Ivy House

Eventually you have to drill things down to The Thing That Works. Of course, there are always several factors. But mostly there’s a core one that feeds the rest, or takes care of the rest when you kick into Solution Finding Mode.

I mostly find Ayurveda is all about this: drilling down, going to the root. Wonderfully, during my stay at an Ayurvedic clinic in India last month, the doctors looking after me pretty much drilled down to this root trick:

Go to bed by 10pm.

Their Ayurvedic explanation goes like this…

Different times of day have different energetic forces aligned with the doshas. (I explain the dosha deal here.)

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