A listicle of toxin-free beauty goodness

Thank you for all the extra tips you’ve all shared following my toxin-free cosmetics and beauty oils posts. I’ve popped a stack of them into one post for easy reference. You’re welcome.

Image via Jason Nocito
Image via Jason Nocito

Tips you’ve shared for blending and using oils

  • I make my own body butters with Coconut + Vitamin E + Shea + Jojoba oil, add the essential oils, et voila….change up the essential oils for different needs. – Sam
  • I tried Trilogy rosehip oil on my acne-riddled face a year ago and it changed my whole complexion! I’ve also since tried jojoba which seems to have worked just as well. Such a simply, lovely solution. – Maggie
  • I like a drop of vetiver oil on the soles of my feet at night – it’s very grounding. – Kristen
  • I add 10 drops each of frankincense, myrrh and lavender to a bottle of Kosmea rosehip oil, beautiful on my face and my skin has improved dramatically. It smells divine and is very calming at night. I also add the same oils to a blend of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to apply to the rest of my body as well as a squirt of magnesium spray. – Anne
  • I use honey to wash my face, plain and raw. I use a face brush and rinse in warm water. I sometimes add a little jojoba oil to the honey. Honey is antibacterial so it works a treat. – Leonie
  • My oil tip is for killing nits! Instead of bombing them with poisonous concoctions I put olive or coconut oil in my kids’ hair so the buggers drown and then comb them out. Works every time! – Ms Jane

Tips you’ve shared for DIY bathroom essentials

  • Dry Shampoo: Just pop a little arrowroot on the scalp and brush through, if you have darker hair add in a little cacao too. Dab a makeup brush in it, dab it on the scalp and brush. Works as well as any dry shampoo out there. – Danielle

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