Food waste dilemma: packaged single-serve veggies v bulk buying?

A study by AUSVEG’s Project Harvest last month flagged that Australian consumers are veering towards veggies that prevent wastage. DAMN GREAT STUFF!

Image via Simplicious, photography by Rob Palmer
Image via I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, photography by Rob Palmer

But how are we going about this?

The good news is that we’re opting for individual broccoli heads, rather than bulk packs of brocs (wrapped in plastic etc), and veggies like zucchinis that come as individual items.

“These findings really reflect the fact that some Australians are treating supermarkets like extensions of their own fridges,” said the study spokesperson who also pointed out shoppers are buying for two to three days’ worth of meals at a time. This is a good thing from a wastage POV.

But the report says we’re also buying up veggies pre-packaged in single-meal portions. AUSVEG suggest growers should be encouraged to do more of this kind of thing.

Um, noooooo!!!!!

Yep, making it easier for us all to eat more veggies is a great thing. Yep, shopping practices that see us purchase what we need as we need it,is an

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