A hiking guide to Hawaii

Another installment in my series of hiking guides. If you’re new to the series…it’s worth my flagging that I travel to hike. I live to hike. Here’s why and how it works for me.

Napali coast, Kauai
Na Pali coast, Kauai

Hawaii is a hiker’s haven so I’m surprised with myself it took so long to get there. But, then, I was always someone who saved the best thing on my plate until last.

So, a few things to know upfront;

* I went to Oahu and Kauai.

* I went in winter and resigned myself to there being a bit of rain.

* I struggled to find reputable info on the hikes… you might, too. Hence this little guide.

* Note that Hawaiian maps and guides share one-way timings and distances (not the return).

* While I was there I was asked to write a few posts for Expedia.com. You might enjoy to read about The Five Healthy Food Trends to Try in Hawaii Right Now and my Guide to Kauai, which will

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