Bonus recipe! Gym Go-er Choc Spice Energy Bars

A while back I shared a few extra images from readers who helped me test recipes for my latest book, I Quit Sugar: SimpliciousI promised I’d share more details of Lana’s recipe for the Gym Go-er Choc Spice Energy Bars. These bars didn’t make it into the book. My publisher couldn’t fit any more in, so I guess you could call it a bonus recipe.

Lana Jankovic's creation -Gym Go-er Choc Spice Energy Bars
Lana Jankovic’s recreation – Gym Go-er Choc Spice Energy Bars

These little chocolatey flavour bombs are already packed with protein from black beans and tahini. But if you want to boost the protein content, swap the oat flour for protein powder. Lana‘s verdict after testing? “They turned out delicious – almost like a fudgey brownie!”

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