9 fun ways to make last night’s dinner with an egg on it

Folk out there are still scared of leftovers. They needn’t be. They’re safe, and legal (to take home in doggie bags from restaurants), and entirely sensible, sustainable and simplicious. If there’s one trick you need to perfect, should you be new to this leftovers caper, is to know how to repurpose dinner into another meal the next day.

Rae’s clever take on this dish, details below.

I call it “Doggie Bag Dinner the Next Day”. The French call it oeufs en restes. Whatever you want to call it, the idea entails putting a leftover meal in a pan – it can be a whole meal (chopped up), a soup, a pasta or a stew – adding a dash of broth and sticking an egg in the middle.

Fennel, silverbeet, turmeric, leek, garlic, miso, blended, with an egg smoodged through it. Plus coriander. Because I'm snotty.
Last night’s fennel, silverbeet and leek, plus turmeric garlic, miso, blended…with an egg smoodged through it. Plus coriander.

The 2:4 Doggie-Bag Rule. 
Don’t be scared of food poisoning: simply get the meal to the fridge within 2 hours, and keep it there for no more than 4 days before eating. Oh, and reheat it in the microwave for at least 2 minutes until it’s steaming

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