Do you rumble with the truth?

Brene Brown. I mean, how much do you just dig her? Of the various life experts that I’ve met over the years she is probably the most authentic. We cried when we met. You can read what she shared with me to prompt the tears here. Anyways, Brene shared this recently on Instagram:


If we’re living consciously we rumble with the truth, don’t we. We don’t waltz with it, or sit calmly with it. We wrestle around with it and steer it and heave it, tirelessly, in more and more gallant directions. At least we do if we want the better ending.

We don’t want to accept an ending that’s beneath what we feel is the point of our existence. Actually, we can’t.

Do you feel there is more to this mortal coil than what is served to us on the conveyor belt? Sure, we can stick to the conveyor-belt. But if we have a glimpse of a bigger truth we have to step off and wrestle our own way to our better ending. We have to go down in the muck and the mire and get ugly with ourselves for a bit.

I’ve looked back recently on a protracted and painful relationship decision I’ve had to make. Actually, there’s been a few in the past month. The easy, “conveyor-belt” way to go about things would’ve been to give in to the usual rules that govern such situations and to let the relationship(s) die out, directed by circumstances. “Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be. Relationships aren’t meant to be this hard…so let’s let this one just go”.

No! That wasn’t my truth. Not this time. There was more to be rumbled out, shaken out, wrestled out. Which is not to say the outcome was any different to where the conveyor-belt would’ve taken me.  Indeed, it wasn’t. The wrestling and rumbling, however, is what made the outcome sit straight and real and true and calm and decently. No blocking of emotions. No justifying. Just peaceful understanding.

This is what we want, don’t we? To ensure we are part of the ending. We’re present. We own it. We understand it…

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