wholeheartedness: come meet Brene Brown (free tickets!)

I need to share this story. So. Three people over the past three months – one of my best mates Rosie, my new friend Kazzie, and Maria from Brainpickings – alerted me to scientist and “shame” expert Brene Brown.

whole hearted elephant wholeheartedness: come meet Brene Brown (free tickets!)
By Mati McDonough (via Brene)

You might recall my “three signs and I act” theory?

So. I read her book The Gifts of Imperfection. And saw her on TED.com (see below). Was stupendously inspired. And then contacted her to see if we could do a Skype interview down the track for my Sunday Life column…about shame and some other wonderfully rich ideas she has studied on wholeheartedness.

And whattayaknow…!? She’s in Australia, in Sydney THE EXACT SAME WEEK that I’m going to be back in Sydney. I love it. It’s perfect. It just is.

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